This is a bathroom floor with sheet vinyl.  Today's sheet vinyl is a no-wax floor that offers comfort and durability at a very low price.  It can be installed just about anywhere, but makes an ideal bathroom or kitchen floor.  It's softer, more affordable and easier to maintain that a ceramic floor (you never have to scrub the grout!) and it is very easy to maintian.
Vinyl Flooring also comes in individual planks or tiles.  This is an example of Luxury Vinyl Tile in a stone look.  Some of the vinyl planks we carry come with 99 year wear warranties.  They can be installed in heavy commercial facilities, you can even park your car on them in a garage if you like.  The vinyl planks are more scratch and dent resistant than softer stone floors, and much more comfortable to stand on. 
Vinyl is also available in a wood look.  It's more versatile than wood since it can be installed over concrete, or over wood subfloors.  It's also 100% water proof, so there is never any worry if one of your appliances springs a leak, or if you have a basement that is prone to flooding. If you have pets that have accidents, or if you're looking to install something in a room adjacent to a pool then vinyl planking will perform very well in your home.